Ovation Diagnostics is dedicated to developing advanced and accessible ovarian cancer diagnostic technologies to address a global unmet need.

  • Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer induced death among women in the US
  • Women currently affected with ovarian cancer In the US = 22,000 In the world = 180,000
  • Prognosis is poor; 5 year survival is no better than 37%
  • Current tests fail to provide reliable screening at stage I of ovarian cancer
  • About 60% of women are being diagnosed after the disease has spread beyond the ovary

The problem: Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

The Solution: Ovation Diagnostics

  • Early diagnosis is critical to reduce the risk of death from ovarian cancer
  • Screening of ovarian cancer is necessary to identify early stages of ovarian cancer
  • Prognosis is greater than 90% if identified in Stage 1
  • Using a urine dipstick instead of diagnosing through blood samples will make screening easier
  • Levels of a protein marker called Bcl-2 are elevated in the urine of patients with ovarian cancer and are of diagnostic and/or prognostic clinical importance